Every child is different – they have different interests and differing abilities to manage, and cope with, their studying. At this level of study, it is often best for students to choose subjects that they have some degree of interest in as well as doing Maths and English. 
The following information will help you as you read through the choice of subjects available: 
Students will study through the Pearson Edexcel Exam Board. 
Students can choose up to 7 subjects from the comprehensive range of subjects set out below as part of our GCSE Programme. 
There is no requirement to do 7 subjects. Students can choose fewer than 7 but the price of our programme remains the same. 
Students can choose more than 7 subjects at an additional cost. 
Students need to achieve a grade 4 or above pass in Maths and English for most avenues they pursue after GCSEs, eg apprenticeships, vocational qualifications or A Levels. Without these passes, they will be required to study them in years 12 and beyond until they achieve a pass. 
Each subject provides the foundational knowledge required to pursue any of these subjects at A Level and beyond 
Students generally only need 5 GCSEs at grade 4 and above to go on to level 3 programmes of study, eg BTEC Level 3. However, for those wishing to do A Levels in the GCSE subjects, they will generally need to achieve a grade 6 in the GCSE to pursue the subject at A Level. 


In studying Maths, students cover application and understanding of number; algebra, including geometry and statistics; problem-solving skills; mathematical reasoning skills; constructing chains of reasoning; presenting arguments and proofs; and interpreting and communicating information accurately. 

English Literature 

Through studying English literature, students develop the ability to read, understand and respond to a wide range of literary texts from around the world; develop an appreciation of the ways in which writers achieve their literary effects; explore, through literature, the cultures of their own and other societies; and understand literature’s influence on individuals and societies. 


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Students study two different topics of history in-depth to gain knowledge and understanding of the key features and characteristics of historical periods; develop skills to analyse and evaluate historical interpretations in the context of historical events studied; and develop skills to explain, analyse and make judgements about historical events and periods studied, using second-order historical concepts. 


In Spanish, students develop understanding and skills in written and verbal communication of the language. Students are assessed on their listening, reading, writing and speaking on the following areas: home and abroad; education and employment; personal life and relationships; the world around us; and social activities, fitness and health. 

English Language 

Students study a number of contemporary non-fiction texts and poetry and prose texts. Throughout the course, they develop skills to analyse how writers use language to achieve their effects; explore links and connections between writers’ ideas and perspectives; develop their imaginative writing skills to engage the reader; and use spelling, punctuation and grammar accurately. 


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In Geography, students cover physical geography which includes river environments, coastal environments and hazardous environments. They also study human geography which covers economic activity and energy; rural environments; urban environments; and global issues (fragile environments and climate change, globalisation and migration, development and human welfare). The course does involve some fieldwork. 

Other Subjects 

We provide a wide range of other subjects to students where there is demand. We must have at least two students in each class for these to run. These incur an additional cost of £495 per subject. 
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