What will you study? 

Non-Fiction Texts: Study a range of functional 19th-century non-fiction texts. Develop skills to analyse and evaluate non-fiction extracts. Develop transactional writing skills for a variety of forms, purposes and audiences. Use spelling, punctuation and grammar accurately.  Contemporary Texts: Study a range of 20th- and 21st-century prose fiction and literary non-fiction. Develop skills to analyse and compare 20th- and 21st-century fiction and literary non-fiction extracts. Develop imaginative writing skills to engage the reader. Use spelling, punctuation and grammar accurately.  Spoken Language Students must undertake a prepared spoken presentation on a specific topic in a formal setting, listen and respond to questions and feedback, and use spoken English effectively. 

How will you be assessed? 

Students will sit their GCSE examination at the end of the two year programme. All students sit the same paper as there is no distinction between higher and foundation. 
In English, students will sit two written examinations which are both 1 hr 55 mins in length. These will assess their reading and writing skills through answering a series of short and open-response questions. These papers each carry 50% of the overall grade. 
Students will also complete a spoken language exam which is awarded a pass, merit or distinction grade but carries no marks. 
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