Assessing Your Child’s Needs 

From our initial discussions we will ask you to explain how your child is impacted by their special educational need or disability. The more information that we have at this stage, the more we are able to support your child effectively. 
We will request information from professionals who have been involved with your child and a copy of their Educational Health & Care Plan (EHCP), if they have one. Any diagnostic letters or specialist reports which you can pass on to us will be very helpful. With that information, and discussions with you and your child, we can then ensure their needs are catered for as effectively as possible while they learn with us. 
The information we gather, alongside the discussions we have with you, will assess how appropriate we are as a provider for your child’s education. We have to ensure that we can meet your child’s needs effectively. 
When your child starts their education journey with us, relevant information will be shared with their teachers so they know how best to support them in lessons. Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo) will be in touch with you throughout their time with us to ensure that the correct support is in place at all times. 

How Teaching Supports Your Child’s Learning 

We are committed to ensuring that your child receives the best support possible to make their experience of education as positive as possible. 
In addition to timetabled lessons, students are provided with drop-in sessions with teachers at the end of each school day which they can take advantage of as they need. 
They (and you, as a parent/guardian) can contact teachers through our portal should additional support be required. 
In supporting your child, we follow the Quality First Teaching (WFT) model which has three levels: 
Level 1: Universal 
Each lesson is planned thoroughly so that there are clear learning objectives alongside worksheets, exercises and pedagogical choices to help each student meet the learning outcomes. 
Level 2: Targeted 
Extra support is provided to students who are not quite meeting age-related expectations. This involves identifying students and taking necessary steps to personalise their learning experience so that they can get back on track with their learning. Extra support can be provided during regular lessons and differentiated activities and exercises are used to great effect in this level. 
Level 3: Specialist 
Teachers create personalised learning programmes for students struggling to meet age-related expectations. At this level, students often require more intervention from specialists to support their learning to help them progress at the expected rate. 
Where your child requires specialist support, we can offer one-to-one tuition in all subjects at an additional cost. 
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